The Summit Phase III Fountain (Saks)
The Summit Louisville Bldg 9 Fountain
Alabama Department of Youth Services Fountain
AmSouth Riverchase Lake Fountain
Baker Residence
Bay Medical Panama City Fountain
BellSouth at the Colonnade
Bham Jefferson Civic Center Courtyard Fountain
Bham Museum of Art Concourse Repairs
Bham Museum of Art Courtyard & Water Wall
Bham Zoo Otter/Beaver Exhibit
Bham Zoo Trails of Africa Exhibit
Brasfield & Gorrie Courtyard Fountain
Bridge Street Town Center Water Features
Brookwood Hospital Plaza
Bruno's Memorial Fountain
Cahaba Grand Conference Center Ftn. Repairs
Carraway Methodist Foundation Fountains
Children's Harbor Pig Iron Fountains
Children's Hospital of Alabama Fountain
Children's Hospital Gala Charity Tree Fountain
Colonnade Office Park Water Features
Colonnade Rentention Pond Fountains
Cooper Green Hospital Fountain
Decorator's Showhouse - Shelby Residence
East Chase Lifestyle Center
Encore Restaurant at BJCC
Florence River Heritage Fountain
Gadsden Riverfront Park
Greystone Legacy Golf Course Water Feature
Homewood Plaza Fountain
IBM Courtyard Fountain
Jeffrey Bayer Residence Fountains
Jim Gorrie Residence Fountain
Juvinile Diabetes Research Foundation Copper Ftn
Kirklin Clinic Central Fountain
Lauderdale County Courthouse Fountain
Liberty Park Bldg. 1 Interior Feature
Liberty Park Statue Fountain
Lynn Park Repairs
Market Place at BJCC Fountains
McWane Center Fountain
Meadowbrook Lakes and Fountains
Montgomery Cancer Center Fountain
Mountain Brook Municipal Center Fountain
One Federal Place Water Wall
Outreach Cancer Center Fountain
Pierce Residence Fountains
RSA Battle House Fountain
Southern Progress Atrium, Ravine, & Courtyards
Southern Progress Lakes & Streams
Summit Louisville Sign Fountain
Summit Louisville Bldg. 2 Fountain
Summit Louisville Bldg. 5 Fountain
Summit Louisville Bldg. 9 Fountain
Summit Louisville Bldg. 13 Fountain
Summit Birmingham Phase VI (Chuys)
Summit Birmingham Phase III Fountain (Saks)
Summit Birmingham Phase II Fountains (Pottery
Barn & Just Add Water)
Summit Birmingham Phase I Fountains
The Church at Brook Hills Fountain
The Club Fountain
Tuscaloosa Government Plaza Fountain Design
UA Aquatic Center Emergency Repairs
UA Ferguson Plaza Fountain
UA Sarah Patterson Championship Plaza Design
UA Shelby Center Fountain Design
UAB Human Genetics Fountain
VA Hospital Aquifer System
Victoryland Fountain
Visionland Wild River Gorge
The Summit Phase II Fountain (Just Add Water)
The Summit Phase II Fountain (Pottery Barn)
The Summit Louisville Bldg 2 Fountain
The Summit Louisville Sign Fountain
The Summit Louisville Bldg 13 Fountain
The Summit Louisville Bldg 5 Fountain
The Summit Phase I Fountain
UAB Human Genetics Fountain
Outreach Cancer Center Fountain
One Federal Place Water Wall
Meadowbrook Fountains
East Chase Lifestyle Center Fountains
McWane Center Orr Studios Fountain
Lynn Park Fountain
Kirklin Clinic Fountain
BellSouth at The Colonnade Lake
Colonnade Office Park Fountains
Church at Brook Hills Fountain
Birmingham Museum of Art Concourse Fountain
Birmingham Museum of Art Water Wall
Pierce Residence Fountain
Shelby Residence Waterfall
Bay Medical Center Fountain
Birmingham Zoo Otter/Beaver Exhibit
Brasfield & Gorrie Headquarters Courtyard Fountain
Gadsden Riverfront Park Water Features
Homewood Plaza Fountain
University of Alabama Ferguson Plaza Fountain
Lauderdale County Courthouse Fountain
IBM Fountain
Southern Progress Water Features
RSA Mobile Fountain
JDRF Charity Copper Fountain
TCHA Gala Charity Tree Fountain
Children's Harbor Charity Pig Iron Fountain
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Florence River Heritage Fountain
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